Pradip Parajuli

Psychological Counselor/Life Coach Practitioner

When we evaluate ourselves every day, perhaps it looks the same. But if we dwell few years back in our minds, then the present might seem different, isn’t it? The world is changing and so do we. We are dynamic in nature. I have never heard anyone say ‘I hope my life, myself and the world around me stays exactly how is it now forever and ever, unchanged for all eternity.’ In my opinion, in the course of life we have to deal with various hardships and struggle. As the American author Ernest Hemingway says in his book named Old Man and The Sea that  ‘A man can be destroyed but not defeated.’ Humans have overcome the hurdles and obstacles since the beginning of their creation and civilization. Centuries ago we only knew survival and we had limited choices. To now we have many choices and have to encounter with many things. As the society is changing, so do we. When New Year begins, we become excited and embrace the NEW DATE. We do the celebrations and might vow some arena of our lives that we gonna do something! We gonna stop to do something! We gonna do that! We gonna do this etc.

But the point to be acknowledged is that the Universe is not going to suddenly give you green lights all the way to work. It’s a mistake to think that when the NEW DAY comes we will fix everything. The world will never be perfect, and the goal isn’t perfection. Life is not going to go your way. You have to go your way and take life with you. Understanding this will help you be prepared for whatever may come.






Pradip Parajuli

I am Pradip Parajuli. I have been in helping profession since 11 years. To tell the truth, I am a new Life Coach practitioner. Yet prior to becoming a Life Coach, I spent 5 years working as a Counselor; and before that I used to work as a Social Worker and Program Manager in a reputed International Non-governmental Organization. I am practicing Counseling as well as Life Coaching. From the get-go, I loved life coaching. As I kept going and trained in Counseling, Hypnotherapy, NLP, Life Coaching (Beginner to Advanced), my belief that I had found my niche in life was cemented. That niche is to help people get unstuck and find more purpose and enjoyment in their lives.
I genuinely do understand when clients say they’re looking for a change, but don’t know what it is yet or how to achieve it. Because I have been there, done that and thankfully was lucky enough to walk away to now be doing a job where I never have to think “Thank God it’s Friday (TGIF).”


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