Pradip Parajuli

Psychological Counselor/Life Coach Practitioner

You and I. Only you and I.

We are on the verge of journey and waiting for a bus to reach the destination. After a few minutes, the bus stops at the station. We both step into the bus and start the journey. A big clock is hung at the front row. There are 40 passengers in the bus. Each passenger has their own story. The bus starts to take its’ second move. The song which I used to sing during my childhood pop into my head- “The wheels on the bus go round and round”. I try to remember all the lyrics and sing it with my inner voice. My head movement and smile clearly signify my excitement in the journey. 

Some passengers are exhausted, some are enjoying the journey, some are complaining and some are enjoying the scenery out the windows. We are all aware that our journey will never stop. In other words, the bus will take its’ eternal course. Sometimes, the bus can’t take its’ appropriate direction due to bumpy roads, hazardous weather, storms and other external obstacles. Social stratification and differentiation prevail in the bus. There are-businesspersons, employees, teachers, doctors, labors etc. Some people have enough food to eat. Others have to work for certain people in order to function in life. The procreation has happened on the bus. The conflict within the individuals due to different interest and power persist. Some are fed-up with such journey and jump out of the doors and windows of the bus. Others are embracing the journey and life they have. 

The wheels move on. So do we. You and I; and our journey is eternal. 

Pradip Parajuli

I am Pradip Parajuli. I have been in helping profession since 13 years. To tell the truth, I am a new Life Coach practitioner. Yet prior to becoming a Life Coach, I spent 5 years working as a Counselor; and before that I used to work as a Social Worker and Program Manager in a reputed International Non-governmental Organization. I am practicing Counseling as well as Life Coaching. From the get-go, I loved life coaching. As I kept going and trained in Counseling, Hypnotherapy, NLP, Life Coaching (Beginner to Advanced), my belief that I had found my niche in life was cemented. That niche is to help people get unstuck and find more purpose and enjoyment in their lives.
I genuinely do understand when clients say they’re looking for a change, but don’t know what it is yet or how to achieve it. Because I have been there, done that and thankfully was lucky enough to walk away to now be doing a job where I never have to think “Thank God it’s Friday (TGIF).”


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